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COVID-19 Pandemic Voting Guidelines

The Secretary of State released guidance for in-person voting for the July 14 runoff election. The “minimum recommended health protocols for all voters” directs voters, “to the extent feasible” to maintain social distancing, bring their own hand sanitizer, consider wearing cloth face coverings and “consider bringing their own marking instruments such as a pen, pencil with eraser or stylus.” Voters are encouraged to contact their county election office to determine what type of marking device is needed. Voters aged 65 and older are encouraged to “stay home as much as possible” and consider voting by mail. Voters who contract COVID-19 after the deadline to request a ballot by mail should contact the county election office for details about applying for an emergency early voting ballot. Election officials are encouraged to provide “varied opportunities for voters,” including extended voting hours and “well-advertised curbside voting.” They are also advised to consider requiring face coverings for all polling place workers, provide floor markings and arrange voting booths to help with physical distancing and make hand sanitizer readily available.

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